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  • 06/02/2023
    17:00 - 20:00

Hvis det er første gang du tilmelder dig et møde via vil du automatisk få oprettet en MsBIP profil. Alternativt skal du logge ind med den profil du fik oprettet ved tidligere tilmelding og derefter tilmelde dig mødet.
Mødet afholdes i samarbejde med Delegate


  • Velkomst og nyt fra MsBIP
  • Præsentation af Delegate
  • ATC data platform, Delegate
  • Pause – netværk og let forplejning
  • Understanding DAX evaluation contexts using the TE3 DAX Debugger, Daniel Otykier


Der er til dette møde følgende 2 indlæg.

ATC data platform
Since the beginning of 2021 Delegate has been working with an open-source framework for data engineering in Azure Databricks. Today the framework is adopted at all Delegates major data platform clients and has played key role in Delegate winning the Microsoft Partner Awards 2022 in the Data & AI category. In our presentation Delegate will talk about:

  • Delegates experience in building an open-source library
  • Core features of the ATC-data platform framework:
    o Automated Extract and Load processes from and to Cosmos DB, Deltalake, Eventhubs, SQL
    o Generic transformers for all common data transformations
    o Automated test of the entire data platform including deploying new Azure resources on every build
  •  Roadmap for the ATC-data platform framework

Understanding DAX evaluation contexts using the TE3 DAX Debugger, Daniel Otykier
To truly master the DAX language, one must understand the underlying concepts of evaluation contexts and context transition. These concepts can be difficult to grasp by looking at code snippets alone. In this session, we will use Tabular Editor 3’s DAX Debugger feature, as a shortcut to help us visualize and understand these concepts in action. With this understanding, we will take a look at the newly released window functions in DAX, to see how these can be used to simplify rolling aggregations, comparisons, and other types of analytic calculations, that were traditionally difficult to write and performed poorly in DAX.


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