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  • 28/11/2022
    17:30 - 20:30

Hvis det er første gang du tilmelder dig et møde via MsBIP.dk vil du automatisk få oprettet en MsBIP profil. Alternativt skal du logge ind med den profil du fik oprettet ved tidligere tilmelding og derefter tilmelde dig mødet.
Mødet afholdes i samarbejde med Deloitte Consulting.


  • Velkomst og nyt fra MsBIP
  • Præsentation af Deloitte Consulting
  • Building The Next Delta Lakehouse, Simon Whiteley
  • Pause – netværk og let forplejning
  • Synapse Espresso, Stijn Wynants

Building The Next Delta Lakehouse, Simon Whiteley

We’ve been building data lakes for years, and we’ve seen how the Delta lake file format brought stability & governance to the data lake, but with the Databricks Delta Engine, it’s grown into an analytics powerhouse.

This session dives into those new features, showing how data engineering has been transformed and simplified. We’ll see how to apply new technologies to old techniques, how best to get your data to your users and work through how to apply delta to your own lake-based scenarios.

Synapse Espresso, Stijn Wynants

Synapse Espresso team is coming to your favorite User Group with freshly brewed pot of content! Join us in this session to learn how to unlock the power of Synapse SQL pools and boost your data warehouse and data lake performance.

We will cover everything you need to know to delight your business users by making serverless SQL pool fly! From basics to squeezing the very last bit of performance out of it.

If you are more into data warehouses, don’t worry, we have you covered as well! We will cover best strategy for ingestion and consumption of your data so you can start working on your data warehouse quickly and with confidence.

Every tip and trick we share is proven in real world customer scenarios. And all of this comes in easy to consume sips!


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