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  • 24/05/2016
    17:00 - 20:00

Danske_Bank_logo.svgSom noget nyt foregår tilmelding direkte her på MsBIP.dk. Klik på “Register now” og udfyld dine oplysninger. Tilmeldingfrist er fredag d. 20. maj kl. 12. Der er plads til 80 deltagere.


  • Velkomst
  • Introduction to M in Power BI, Chris Webb
  • Pause incl. sandwich og networking
  • What´s New for Master Data Services 2016, Stephan Stoltze
  • Afrunding

What´s New for Master Data Services 2016, Stephan Stoltze

This session is not only for people working with Master Data, but also everyone working with Business Intelligence. With Master Data Services 2016 it’s now easy to handle all your dimension data, including Type 2 history. In this session you will get a brief introduction to the basic principles of Master Data Services, together with an overview of all the new features brought to you with Master Data Services 2016. You will learn about features like: •New features and better performance in the Excel Add-In •Track Type 2 history •Many-To-Many hierarchies •New security and administrator capabilities •New approval flows If you are using Master Data Services or are thinking about it, – this is the session you cannot miss.

Introduction to M in Power BI, Chris Webb

Behind Power BI’s data load and transformation functionality is the M language. In this session you’ll learn what kind of scenarios you’ll need to use the M language as well as its basic syntax. You’ll also see several practical examples of how to use it, for example separating connection details out from queries to make them easy to update; creating and using functions; handling missing or changed data sources; and calling web services.


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