Agenda og invitation til MsBIP møde nr. 14

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Begge indlæg til MsBIP møde nr. 14 er nu på plads og vi kan hermed udsende en officiel invitation. Mødet indledes med en velkomst og kort intro til MsBIP efterfulgt af en præsentation af Kapacity og hvordan de arbejder med Microsoft BI. Derefter går vi over til den faglige del, hvor vi denne gang opfylder hensigten om et meget teknisk emne og et emne rettet mere mod forretningen.

BIML and EzAPI – Two approaches to creating SSIS packages programmatically (Daniel Otykier)

In this talk, we are going to explore some of the benefits and drawbacks of creating SSIS packages from code. There are basically two practical approaches to this; BIML, which is an XML-based scripting language that integrates nicely with your existing SSIS solutions through BIDSHelper; and EzAPI, which is a C# library that makes it easy to build your packages from scratch in an object-oriented fashion. We will be looking at various samples for both approaches. BIML and EzAPI are valuable time-savers when it comes to repetitive tasks, such as extracting data from multiple tables. In addition, both allow you to build completely metadata-driven SSIS solutions that are very easy to maintain and extend. Lastly, we will provide references to online resources containing useful code snippets and samples.
(This talk is intended for an SSIS-experienced audience. Programming experience is not necessary although some parts of the talk assume a basic understanding of programming concepts.)

Power BI – Self service BI in the cloud (David L. Bojsen)

In this session we will look at the new kid in town – Power BI for Office 365.
We will go thru all of the tools that are part of this offering as well as look at real world use scenarios.
Power BI will enable business users worldwide to work with and visualize their data in familiar tools, and afterwards share and collaborate around their findings.

Som tidligere udmeldt afholdes mødet hos Kapacity i København torsdag d. 5. september kl. 17 til 20. Tilmelding foregår via indmeldelse i MsBIP møde nr. 14 gruppen på LinkedIn.

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