MsBIP møde nr. 10

7 jan 2013 - 17:00

Vestas, Hedeager 42, Aarhus

Vi prøver med et nyt koncept og har denne gang tre lidt kortere “appetizers” indlæg på agendaen. Det er samtidigt indlæg som alle er submitted til internationale konferencer, hvorfor teaser teksterne er skrevet på engelsk – håber I tager godt i mod det.

“MDX appetizers” præsenteres af Bjørn Dörr Jensen
This is not a MDX introduction course. But if you ever have wondered about what MDX can do, then come and take a look. The presentation is intended to give developers a little impression of the opportunities, but also the challenges in undertanding MDX.
* Make your own set
* Putting data into a histogram
* Find the quartile
* A percent share problem
* Use catalogs view for auto generated unit tests

“Excel 2013 BI appetizers” præsenteres af Stephan Stoltze
What’s new beside PowerPivot and Power View? You probably already heard a lot of the wonders of PowerPivot and Power View, but will you have any other cool new BI features with Excel 2013. The answer is a big YES!
The session will be one long demo, where you will learn about stuff like Flash Fill, TimeLine Slicers, creating new calculated members and measures, Excel Applications and how the Excel Interactive View gives you the analytical power of Excel to use on any HTML table on any web page.

“PerformancePoint Services appetizers” præsenteres af Just Blindbæk
Demo, demo, demo, demo and more demo. Do you need inspiration on how to set up and configure your dashboard? Then this session is for you. There will be a myriad of possibilities viewed and examined, ranging from the most simple with few components, to advanced setups with the integration of many different elements. Most of the examples are based on experience from real world implementations.

Tilmelding til mødet foregår ved indmeldelse i MsBIP møde nr. 10 gruppen på LinkedIn.